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ACF Corporate Finance Consulting AG considers the unique challenges businesses face at the local level and features a management structure that delivers access to decision makers.  We understand your needs and are experts in financing solutions that best suit your short and long-term goals. We provide a wide range of senior secured loans and lines of credit to independently owned, publicly traded, and bank owned consumer, retail, and auto finance companies to support their portfolios and help them grow their businesses. 

Revolving  lines of credit. These products provide the lending capacity you need to support the financing of consumer personal, retail, and auto loans. Their flexibility can accommodate the seasonal nature of your portfolio, and they are available as either senior secured notes or through a syndicated bank group.

Conduit facilities. Term loans secured by a specific pool of assets with an amortization schedule that matches the cash flow of the collateral. These can be structured to accommodate a single transaction, or to be periodically replenished with new collateral.

Working capital lines of credit. Credit facilities that satisfy the permanent funding many consumer finance companies need.

Term note facilities. Fixed-term notes that closely match the weighted average maturity of the underlying collateral.

Standby letters of credit. A facility that is secured by specific underlying collateral to satisfy a commercial landlord, insurance provider, or warranty company requirement.


We are ready to help with a wide range of credit services to support needs, such as:

Short-term financing
Seasonal working capital
Managing cash flow, including account receivable and inventory
Acquisition of machinery, equipment and vehicles
Purchase, construction or expansion of real estate
Global trade financing
Tax exempt financing
Payment or performance guarantees (Letters of Credit)
Asset-based lending
Underwriting, arranging and servicing syndicated loans
Business expansion and acquisition 
Purchasing and expense solutions


We are also ready to assist you in maximizing growth and mitigating risk. We work with you to assess your tolerance for risk, cash flow needs and financial objectives. Then, through the use of interest rate swaps, caps, floors, collars and other derivative products, we offer you a variety of options to help you manage your interest rate risk.



Syndicated loans 

We can arrange syndicated loan transactions for companies requiring a credit structure that is outside of the limits of an individual bank. With a close understanding of your business, we will quickly and efficiently structure a market-clearing transaction with deal execution seamlessly completed through our network of bank contacts. This can be advantageous to borrowers for several reasons:
Practical, efficient means of accessing large pools of committed credit
Reduces the time-consuming and administratively burdensome process of negotiating multiple credit agreements, and it improves borrower control over financing activities
Only a single request to draw down funds and any changes to the credit agreement only need to be executed once
We can devise a successful syndication strategy (including credit structure, terms, and pricing), regardless of the amount and transaction complexity, to help you streamline and simplify your access to capital.


We facilitate many types of credit facilities, including:

Term Loans—Secured and Unsecured
Letters of Credit
Construction Loans
These credit facilities can provide funding for general corporate purposes, including working capital, capital expenditures, acquisitions, and recapitalizations.
Our services include
Coordinating the borrowing process
Calculating and billing for fees and interest
Distributing payments and quarterly financials to the syndicate
Leading negotiations and execution of amendments and waivers with borrowers and the bank syndicate


Asset-based Lending

Asset-based lending can be an attractive financing alternative for asset-rich companies looking to maximize their borrowing capacity. Through specialized monitoring of credit and collateral, we can underwrite loans that are outside the typical lending criteria of most traditional financing relationships — which can provide you with greater credit availability and more flexibility to pursue your company’s goals.
We’re specializing  in asset-based financing, and offer agented and syndicated senior secured financing to middle-market companies and large corporations.

We offer our asset-based financing structures, including revolving lines of credit and term loans, to companies across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and service.

Our financing can help address specific business circumstances and objectives, including:

Working capital
Business expansion and growth
Debt refinancing
Funding a merger or acquisition
Seasonal financing needs

Commercial Real Estate Lending

We also offer a full spectrum of on-balance-sheet structured construction, repositioning, mini-perm, interim, and permanent financing for all stages of a commercial real estate project.
Our customers include:

Experienced real estate developers
Owners and investors
Institutional and private companies
Funds and REITs

We can help you with:

Construction and acquisition financing
Interim and bridge financing
Mini-perm financing
Permanent financing
Rehabilitation and repositioning
Note financing
Secured and unsecured lines of credit
Letters of credit
A&D and unit construction financing
A/B structures and mezzanine financing
Subscription lines of credit for opportunity funds